Friday, May 29, 2009

just call me miss bianca, j.d.

The past few weeks have been super crazy and I had planned to write about all of the wonderful things that occurred...but then life got the best of me. So while this post won't do it justice, I felt compelled to write it down before life got too crazy...again.

1) Tiffany Comes to San Francisco!!!

I'm constantly running around doing something, so I'm really bad about having friends come out to visit. However, for the first time since I moved out to California almost 8 years ago, the bestie flew out to visit. She arrived the day I turned in my last law school final (yay!) and I was running on 1.5 hours of sleep. No good. But I pulled through and had the most amazing 5 days with her. We started off her visit with a trip to Chevy's. Pre-diet I ate there every other week or so because I'm a sucker for their chips and salsa and it's 5 minutes from my house. She heard me talking about it all the time, so off we went. Feeling this need to celebrate, we decided to get margaritas and figured "hmm, a pitcher is cheapish, why not." Seeing that I was on so little sleep/my tolerance has dropped dramatically since college...well it was a good time. I highly recommend the strawberry-raspberry ones. Delish.

The next day I played tour guide and took her all around SF. It has been a long time since I went all around the city, the weather was insanely gorgeous, and so it was crazy fun. to not do something relating to school. We started at Fisherman's Wharf for clam chowder in bread bowls which is so tasty and I ate way too much. Awesome. We followed that with a drive down Lombard street where we felt the need to take this lovely photo: We then did a ton of shopping before going home and lounging around the house before the big event of the evening: Tiffany's first trip to In n Out where I forced her to order this
3 Words. Animal. Style. Fries. So so bad for you and so so good. After being denied In n Out for 4 months, I totally crashed after dinner which was good, because I needed a lot of rest before...

2) My Bridal Shower!!!

Though I'm not getting married until September, I'll be spending this summer studying for the bar exam, so we decided the have my bridal shower right before graduation. The lovely Miss Lailah banded together with my bridesmaids to throw the most amazing shower. She made these adorable cookies
and Tiffany made fantastic mix cds as my party favors. The house was decorated with all kinds of streamers and pictures of me and the boy, which are still up and will probably stay up for a while. We played a bunch of games and my friends sat around and told their favorite stories about me (we made me go "aww" every 2 seconds). I received an amazing amount of gifts that are beautiful and I felt like such a lucky gal. It was a bit of an intense day. After everyone left, I sat down and started sobbing. I looked like I was watching the end of Beaches. As a girl who doesn't love a lot of attention, I was so overwhelmed by how much attention was on me and how much love I felt from my friends and family. Mix those feelings with a bit of cosmos and I was a mess. I wonder how I'll keep myself together at the wedding.

3) The next day I turned 26. More than halfway through my 20s. I don't know what else to say about that.

4) Drumroll Please...

Tiff left the day after my birthday and I had 1 day to relax before my mom and brother flew in for...LAW SCHOOL GRADUATION!!! I can't believe I did it. While we don't get the official "you're finished" until all our grades are in, walking across that stage made it feel like we were done. I spent the entire weekend saying "it's not a big deal" (and really, passing the bar will be a bigger deal), but as I stood in line with my friends it hit me and I couldn't control my excitement. 3 years of work, stress, and sleepless nights...finished. It's awesome and I'm so proud of my core group for keeping it together...WE DID IT!!! Hopefully I can muster up the motivation for the next 2 months of studying for the bar (for which classes started 3 days after graduation) but I'm almost there. Phew.

Let's hope the next few months won't be as crazy as I think they will be.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

just breathe...

12 days until finals season is over.

20 days until law school graduation.

1.25 papers, 5/6 of a take home final, and 1 in-class exam stand in my way.

I'm a social gal, and being in hiding is the worst. As unmotivated as I am, I just need to remember to breathe and think that this insanity is almost over.

...until I have to start studying for the bar in 23 days.

Send happy thoughts my way!