Saturday, February 21, 2009

high school crushes and black eyeliner

Last night I was fully determined to be scholastically productive. Books and highlighters out, opened word document to write case briefs, headphones on: I was on a mission. Fortunately Tiffany saved me from this pathetic Friday night to entertain me.

We have a ridiculous way of spending hours on youtube or wikipedia. Here's a reduced summary of our viewing last night:

1) We started by talking about the Blink 182 reunion. We were HUGE fans in high school and I would be lying if I didn't say I'm pumped about them getting back together. While I loved the music, I also had a huge crush on Mark Hoppus. Little known fact: when I first met Matt, he had black spikey hair and was wearing gray dickies shorts, a skater tshirt, and vans. He definitely had a Mr. Hoppus vibe going on which made me go "hmm..." He hates it. I love that I'm marrying a boy that looks a bit like the band guy that I was obsessed with. Rad. After watching a series of their music videos we talked about their "Making the Video" (which they should bring back) episode for this:

2) Since "All the Small Things" mocks boy bands, we started listening to our favorite boy band songs of the 90s. And not just N'Sync or the Backstreet Boys. We were looking up those 1 hit wonders. Anyone remember "Faded" by Soul Decision? How about "Baby When the Lights Go Out" by Five? You should. Those songs still make it on my workout playlist. In the mist of all this boy band craziness I started to think of that MTV movie that made fun of boy bands, which brought us to this:
Did anyone else see this movie? Absolutely ridiculous, and I loved it.

3) Boy bands brought us to the awesome mix tapes we used to play in my car on the way to school. They were random and amazing. There was usually some mix of current poppy hits, 70's folk, and oldies. It was often that we had Britney Spears followed up by Jim Croce. Quality. That go us talking about how back in 2nd grade, our parents use to sit and chat for hours and hours (often into the wee hours of the morning) while we would sit in her room and listen to Oldies 104.3. We always wanted to hear "Judy's Turn to Cry". We took turns disguising our voices and would call over and over again until they played it. We thought we were so slick. We were just ridiculous. That brought us to the fabulous Dusty Springfield:

4) Dusty Springfield and her fabulous 60's fashion made us talk about the movie "Elvis & Me" and how I'm thinking I want to use photos of Priscilla Presley at her wedding as inspiration for my rehersal dinner look. Big hair, lots of black eyeliner. Clearly not the veil and such. I just love the drama of it.

5) Thinking of us as little 7 year olds made me think of my favorite show back then: Blossom. I always felt Tiffany was "Six" and I was Blossom. Clearly Tiffay was cooler. I also tried to rock the hats they wore on that show. Completely unsuccessful. I haven't watched this show in years and I'm dying for it to go on DVD. I just hope it's as good as I remember.

So. Completely. Random.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dresses and Funfetti

I'm a horrible blogger. I'm well intentioned and plan to write a bunch of blog posts, but I fail. Je Suis Désolé. But I've been wedding planning up a storm which, lets be honest, is slightly more important.

On Saturday my lovely bridesmaids and I went to look at bridesmaid dresses. Fortunately I went with my bff/best maid of honor ever to look at them several months ago so I had an idea of what I wanted. I was super nervous that they wouldn't like the dress or it wouldn't look good on them, but it was super easy: they all looked amazing. Here's the dress:

It's a Melissa Sweet dress and I think it's adorable. The bow on the back is my favorite part. It's not going to be that blue color, but either a blush color called "English Rose" or pale gold color called "Oyster". Feel free to take a look and give me advice: Jessica is my hero and sent me a picture with my bridesmaids heads on both dresses. It reminds me of "the Girls Next Door" and it's amazing.

So dresses are picked out, mine is ordered, venue and catering reserved, photographer is booked, priest booked. Somehow I've managed to keep on track with my school work, but I'm a tired gal. Too tired to go the gym. Which is bad and brings me to...


I've learned that
+ does not = a skinny me. So...I'm on a movement to eat better and be healthy. I don't have a weight loss goal since I care more about being fit than tiny (because let's face it, I would fall over if I was a Barbie doll...get it?) But the hardest part about dieting is that I'm constantly tempted and since I'm only responsible to myself, I manage to justify eating that brownie or making full use of the bottomless fries at Red Robin. In order to combat this, I'm going to post my achievements (or lack of) here. I'm a little apprehensive, but I think this will be good. And it'll be a good way for me to keep track of how I'm doing. Wish me luck. And any tips on how to avoid the hostess cupcakes are greatly appreciated.

Monday, February 9, 2009

is it wrong...

...that I want to get married in these shoes???

Thursday, February 5, 2009

i heart my bestie

So this crazy cold/flu left me feeling pretty crappy all week. Tres tragic. The bestie has be great calling to check on me every day to make sure that I'm resting, drinking lots of tea, watching Gossip Girl, etc. Today I got home from class to a box of flowers waiting for me. I knew Matt didn't send them and so I was a little freaked out. Then I opened them...and they were from the bestie telling me that she hopes I feel better and to remember that I'm going to be an amazing bride and lawyer. I was so touched that I was misty-eyed for about 10 minutes. She really is my heterosexual lifemate and I'm so, so lucky to have her in my life.

I love you Tiffany!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

girlie shoes and weekend update

This past Christmas, the boy's mom was going to send us on a little vacation (Vegas anyone?) as a joint present. Things are so crazy w/school and work that we decided that we didn't really have time to take a trip, so we got the cash instead, which is rad. Matt wanted to split it, but I decided that we should use the money to buy the tv (which, btw, is amazing. It really is for more than just video games). He felt bad that I wasn't getting a present, so he wanted to treat me to a pair of shoes, because he knows how happy they make me. Score! Earlier in the week I saw a pair of killer, 5 inch purple stilettos that I thought would make a wonderful addition to my collection, so we went to pick them up on Friday night. While trying them on, Matt found a pair of Coach wedges that he thought I would dig and he brought them over for me to try. I put them on and stared at them in the mirror and slowly felt my heart melt because I loved them:

Bianca: "No, I can't. They're expensive and against everything I stand for."
Matt: "They're shoes. They're pink. They're Coach. That's everything you stand for."
Bianca: "Sigh..."

So I said goodbye to the impractical purple stilettos and hello to these new beauties:

I especially love the bow detail. And since they're wedges, I can wear them while tackling the hills of San Francisco.

I did feel a little sick this weekend and about an hour ago it caught up to me and I've half-lost my voice. I sound like Peter Brady going through puberty while singing "Time to Change". Not sexy.
Yesterday I attempted to do some reading for school...and it was SO painful. I have 3L-itis and have no motiviation about anything school related, which is a problem since I still have a full course load that I have to pass in order to graduate. I'm hoping that the motivation will come, but I have a feeling that's not going to happen. Last night and today I got to hang out with a bunch of friends from college and it was a great reminder that I need to let myself go out and have fun this semester. As much as I love staying in w/tivo, I need to go out more. I can't fail out anymore...right?

Also, GORGEOUS weather today. It's supposed to stay this way all week. Lounging in the backyard with the puppy and reading may be in my future. I heart California.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed Superbowl sunday. I ate far too much, but when there are buffalo wings, nachos, spinach dip, and beer in front of you, there's no choice but to eat. At least that's what I'm telling myself.