Monday, August 4, 2008

me vs. the iphone

I think I've lost my fiance to this:

Here's a little list: me vs. iphone:

1) If Matt's ever bored at work, he can pull out the iphone from his pocket and have endless procrastination possibilities (games, websites, etc.). I'm not tiny and portable so I can't go to work with him. 1 point, iphone.

2) You can play movies on the iphone. But I can get off the couch, put in a dvd/change the channel/drive to the movies and keep Matt entertained with a million comments. 1 point, bianca.

3) If something on his phone is not working, Matt can get pissed and the phone won't say anything. If we're fighting, we all know I'm gonna say something. 1 point, iphone.

4) The iphone has a pretty touch screen which makes it easy to do stuff. But asking me to do something doesn't require him lifting a finger. 1 point, bianca

5) The iphone has a swanky scientific calculator application. I can't do math. 1 point, iphone.

6) I'm a human being. 1 point, bianca.

7) In a few years I'm sure the phone will break...and I'll still be here. 1 point, bianca

So here's the score: iphone - 3 points; bianca - 4 points.

Now I feel better.


Chicago Girl said...

LOVE it!!!!!!

-ic0re said...

I like #4 the best, although I think you should get an extra two points for, you know, the girls...

Miss Em said...

Ha ha brilliant. Also remember you have the power to abduct the iphone. 1 point, Bianca.