Sunday, July 26, 2009

wish me luck...

I've been a wreck the past few weeks. This was to be expected. My head is 2 seconds away from exploding from being filled with useless legal information and none of the information that I'm sure I actually need. After a much needed chat with Kahea yesterday, I think I've come to terms with whatever happens happens. Le sigh.

BUT what has made me happy is walking around the house in these beauties that I think have won the "I'm Bianca's Dream Wedding Shoes" contest. What do we think?

So my dear friends, wish me luck and think happy thoughts for me this tuesday-thursday. And if I can manage to type, perhaps there is a drunken blog post in my near future, aka thursday night.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

some things to be thankful for

oh how I miss my blog. i long for the days when I was taking [insert law school class here] and I would ignore everything my professor was saying and write. This is also the reason why I don't bring my laptop to bar review lectures because we all know I wouldn't pay attention.

I've been a complete emotional roller coaster lately. One day I tell myself that I'll be ok and the next I'm crying/staring blankly into space/wishing for thousands of dollars to fall out of the sky so I can buy shoes and feel better. But tonight as I was taking the world's longest shower, I started to think about the things that are making life good right now:

1) The Pipettes: my future sister in law took me to one of their shows randomly a year or so ago and I just adore them. They take their sound from 1960's girl groups (think The Ronnettes/Shangri-Las) while singing about one night stands. This cd isn't long, but it can sit on repeat for the entire day and I don't get sick of it.

2) Netflix: inspired by reducing our cable bill dramatically after switching to DirectTV, the boy and I decided to get NetFlix. While getting movies delivered to my door is fabulous, I'm in love with the ability to stream some movies and tv shows on our Xbox. There is a crazy selection of 80's sitcoms that I listen to while studying because I either remember the episodes from when I was young and don't need to pay attention or they're so bad it's good that I can't necessarily bring myself to watch. Currently I'm watching "Charles in Charge". Awesome.

3) Fat Free Reddi Wip: Trying to keep my diet going while in a constant state of stress is super hard, especially since I have a big sweet tooth. But I treat myself to berry medleys and fat free reddi wip. It's the only reason I'm succeeding (update: down 31 pounds. no bad my friends, not bad)

4) Daisy of Love: Because whenever I need mindless television, this does the trick. I wasn't a big fan when she was on "Rock of Love" but I just love this show. Oh the drama.

5) Jess for her amazing "you're awesome" care packages. Life doesn't get better than tank tops covered in stickers, almonds, starbucks gift cards, and postcards. This girl is truly amazing.

6) My Google Reader: one of my few connections to the real world and is generally an uplifting moment in my day.

7) That in less than 3 weeks this will all be over