Monday, August 4, 2008

1 a.m. on a Monday and I'm Not Sleeping? Craziness...

3 bits of randomness:

1) Earlier today I said "blah, I really don't want to go to work tomorrow." And then I realized that I don't have work. The 10 weeks of my summer internship absolutely flew by. While it was a little slow at first, I became really great friends with the other interns, found that I really loved the work I was doing, and felt super comfy in the office. The experience reminded me why I went to law school in the first place. I actually felt like I was helping people and making a difference. I really hope it's enough to keep me going through this last year of law school.

2) In less than 48 hours, I will be here:

Usually I only make it home twice a year, and those trips are full of so many appointments and "I have to get ____ done while I'm in Chicago" that it's not as enjoyable as it could be. But since I was home 2 months ago, there's really not a lot of things I "have" to do, which means I can really relax and just enjoy being there. I'm super stoked.

3) I'm watching "House Hunters - International" on HGTV. Did you know you could buy an amazing condo in Buenos Aires for $150,000? Who wants to move with me?


So@24 said...

Wow! And I'm finding trouble finding a shitty condo for under $300,000 in LA!

Chicago Girl said...

i am so moving with you. we can grabs, the dogs, the men, some alcohol and jen lancaster books and we are set. as long as they have top model, we a re good to go!!

YAY for you almost being here!!!!