Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thank You "So You Think You Can Dance"

Tonight my faith in competition reality television was restored. Not only did I fully support the winner (who I won't disclose in case you haven't had time to plop down in front of your TIVO), but the finale totally delivered. At first I was pissy that they didn't show the finale in Chicago until 11 p.m. because of some programming confict. I was sure that I'd be too tired to stay awake and would get sick of the fluff that they usually put in finale show. But now - I was completely captivated for the whole 2 hours.

In other news, I'm still having a fabulous time in Chicago. I spent the day laying out by the pool with Tiffany. We laughed, we smiled, we tanned. Fantastic. Tomorrow I am car-less, so I think I may make my first attempt with the CTA since high school. Game plan - go to the beach, back home for lunch, then do minimal damage to my credit card downtown. And the finale - hitting up Y Bar to celebrate Tiff's bday. I'm sure a post about the insanity of the evening will be coming shortly...