Monday, February 1, 2010

just another day at borders

Today I was at Borders shopping for a planner when this conversation occurred:

Random Guy: "Hey, I've seen you here a few times before, you come here a lot."
Me: "Um, a few times, not that often."
Random Guy: "Well, I've been looking at you and you're really pretty, but I looked at your hand and it looks like you're married..."
Me: "You're right, I am."
Random Guy: "That's too bad, you're pretty."
Me: "Well, that's sweet. Thank you."
Random Guy: "Well, if you're ever unmarried, here's my card."
Me (looking at card): "Oh..."
Random Guy: "You never know, right?"
Me (super uncomfortable): ", you're a dog walker?"
Random Guy: "Yep. If you ever need one, give me a call. I'll give you the 'friends' discount."

Where do these people come from? And what kind of "friends" discount would I get? Matt came home and I told him this story and showed him the card and he said, laughing intensely, "well, we do need a dog walker..." Ahh my life.

In other news, the lovely Carissa at The Lovely Dove gave me an award. Thank you Carissa!

For this award I'm supposed to tell you 7 random things about myself that you may or may not know. Hmm...let's see:

1) It's not often that I get "typically" sick (flu, etc.) but I do get weird illnesses. When I was 9 I had Scarlet Fever with a temperature of 106. I sat in the examination room and heard "scarlet fever test in room 4" and said to my mom "wow, I feel bad for that kid..." When I found out it was me, I burst into tears and said "Helen Keller had scarlet fever. I don't want to go blind and deaf." The doctor laughed at me. I was also sick the first week of my sophomore year of college with Strep "G" which my doctor had never seen.

2) Even though I've had weird illnesses, I've never had chicken pox.

3) I'm crabby if I don't eat Lou Malnatis at least once every 3 or so months. This means my mom has to ship it out to me several times a year. But really, how could you not want to eat this?

4) As I'm sure all of you know, I love my shoes, particularly my peep toe heels. What you may not know is that I got my first pair of high heels when I was 9. My Godmother is from New York and loved sending me the latest styles. However, she failed to recognize that I was a little girl who wanted to dress like her friends instead of a girl twice her age. However, when I got my first pair of heels I was in love. They were 4 inches, cream colored with delicate embroidery. I used to wear them around the house begging my mom to let me wear them out of the house. I somehow convinced her to let me wear them to my brother's Confirmation ceremony. My friends were jealous and I felt glamorous...and then I burst into tears the moment I stepped outside because I was in so much pain.

5) I really hate wearing socks. I have no idea where it comes from, though I suspect it has to do with wearing knee socks for 13 years. The only time I wear them is when I'm going to the gym or if it's pouring outside/there's snow and I have to wear them with my boots.

6) Watching the Disney movie "Wish Upon a Star" is one of my guilty pleasures. The plot is silly and absolutely predictable, but I love it. I don't even want to think of how many times I've seen it...and yes, this 26 year old girl still watches it from time to time. Katherine Heigl was fabulous back in the day (also check her out in "My Father the Hero")

7) Being a choir brat in high school, I love to sing. Being a fan of pop culture, I can name random lyrics instantly. Put them together = my having a tendency to burst into song with a random lyric when the moment presents itself. For example: the other day Matt said "turn around". My response: "bright eyes, every now and then I fall apart..." And you know that went on for a good minute.

Voila! I know I'm supposed to pass this along to people but I'm terrible at picking, so everyone should do it!


Shaina said...

Hahahaha. "If you're ever unmarried"??? So funny! I went out with a few friends to a bar the night before I got married...this guy hit on me and then gave me his card. He was a wedding photographer. Just in case I needed one, you know, TOMORROW. Not likely.

Miss Type-A said...

haha that is so hilarious and awkward!

Jenn said...

haha wow what a pickup line. :)

and lou malnati's = yum. my very favorite food of all time!! i eat it every time i go home. :)

rachel said...

hah... oh, dear. What an awkward conversation! I can only imagine how it would have gone had you NOT had a ring on your finger...

Carissa said...

thanks for doing this, Biana! so fun! we actually have a lot of "random" things in common :) like I too loved wearing high heels as a kid. I got my first pair at my elementary school rummage fair! now, though, I'm not so keen on wearing heels all the time because of, you guessed it, the pain! haha.

I also have seen Wish Upon A Star too many times to count! I love that movie! me and my bestie would watch it all the time...

and I love to sing too. and my friends always tease me because I seem to know every lyric to every song and can bust it out at a moment's notice!

all I can say is, we are awesome. :)

oh, and that convo you had at borders is totally awkward! it's like, buddy, the ring is there for a reason. to keep weirdos like you away!

A Wedding Story said...

guy at borders = way creepy

who says that??

Michele said...

People are so weird. What a funny conversation!

(PS: I too hate wearing socks. I never do it, unless I'm at the gym. I get terribly made fun of in the winter.)